{ November 4 – 10 }

11 Nov

Here are the pictures from our week… enjoy!





{ October 28 – November 3 }

4 Nov

Things are a little sad around here this week.  We had to send off Rachel, our favorite housemate, onto her next adventure.  Selfishly, we wish she could stay with us forever, but we know that her decision to go back to the Northwest is what’s best for her.  We are excited to see all that God does with and through her up there, and are also excited that we have one more friend to visit on our annual (sometimes semiannual) trip that we already take up to the Northwest.  We miss her already!

Anyway, here are the pictures from this week, including a shot of Rachel and her dad pulling out of our driveway with a car full of her stuff:




{ October 21 – 27 }

28 Oct

We got our first real snow this week!  Being a California girl, the first snow still takes me by surprise.  I forget how cold it has to be to produce those pretty little flakes, and that my thin little sweaters won’t do the trick; how I have to wake up a little earlier to scrape my car and possible shovel the driveway; and how my down coat and Ugg boots become extra appendages on my body. 

But, as crazy as it may sound to all of you in California, I have actually grown to love the snow (at least the first few snows… after a couple of months of it, I am certainly ready for it to be gone!).  I love the way it covers everything in its path; I love seeing all of the cute little kids in their poofy jackets; I love how the dying trees and plants look beautiful once again covered in sparkling white; I love watching my pups roll and pounce in it; I love knowing that no two snowflakes are the same; and I love how it reminds me of God.  

When I see the snow, especially the first snowfall, it reminds me of how God completely covers me with His love, His grace, His guidance, His perfect peace.   It reminds me of how much He loves me and has a perfect plan for me, even when I don’t actively live in a place of believing that with my whole heart.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I grow weary over the things that I want but don’t see; over the things I pray for but that don’t come out the way I want; and when the cries of my heart are not answered in the way I desire or in my timing.  But, when I experience the first snowfall, I remember that God covers all of that.  He has me right where I need to be.  His timing is perfect.  He hears all of my prayers.  He knows the desires of my heart, and He knows what’s best for me.  

You see, the first snow is pretty, it’s dramatic, and it always takes me by surprise.  And in that same manner, it’s a wonderful picture of the way God covers everything — everything that is beautiful, like the mountains, and those I love, and everything that seems as though it is dead, like the trees, and prayers that seem to go unanswered — God’s got it all covered, and for that, I am forever thankful!

Here are the pictures from our week, including one of our first snowfall.

{ October 14 – 20 }

22 Oct

Here are the pictures from our week, including a little taste of a fun Girl’s Weekend that I got to spend in Newport with some of my favorites. 


{ October 7 – 13 }

14 Oct

And now, for your enjoyment, the pictures from our week…




{ September 30 – October 6 }

7 Oct

Here are the photos from our week.  Enjoy!




{ September 23 – 39 }

30 Sep

We just got back from a little anniversary get-a-way to Steamboat Springs.  Man, was it pretty up there with Fall in full effect!  We had so much fun!  Enjoy our pictures from this week, including a little from our time in the mountains!