who we are…

We are the Huckabys, a couple of Lord-loving individuals who like DIY-ing, cooking, laughing, watching movies and Modern Family, each other, playing games, exploring our new home state, and living life.  Thanks for stopping by our little piece of the web!



This is Lincoln, our little golden retriever cuddle bug.  He loves swimming, attention from anyone and everyone, the dog park, cheese, tortillas, a good foot scratch, getting the squeaker out of stuffed toys, and cuddling on laps.   



This is Olive, our little chocolate lab rascal.  She loves chewing on bones, sleeping on her chair, stealing things from Lincoln, going on walks, any type of dog treat, retrieving a ball, a good ear scratching, and chasing squirrels.  


One Response to “who we are…”

  1. Kevin Garrett July 5, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

    Hey Mike! We met a month and a half ago at a Bible study cookout adventure. I’d just moved to Denver and my roommate Josh invited me. We met playing cornhole and that hilarious 10 second countdown game involving fighter pilots and elephants, among other things. In any case, you told me to get in touch with you about a job reference, and while I couldn’t remember your email I remembered this blog you mentioned. Hope you’re well, and to hear from you soon!


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